Branding includes everything from brand conception, naming, logo design, to the colour and font selection. Your brand is your company’s identity and it is deeply embedded in everything you do. That is why we take the time to understand your business and industry to create a brand that fully reflects who you are as a company.

Our approach to brand naming involves an initial “discovery meeting” where we take the time to learn all about your product/service, values and preferences. From there, our creative team will research ideas for names individually, review them as a group and then finally provide you with a narrowed down list of the best names for you to review.

For the logo design process, we have highly experienced in-house graphic designers that put in the work, do the research on your company and spend the time to design several custom logo concepts and variations. We also take the time to test the logo concepts to see how they would work on different media types (web, print, digital ads, signage, clothing etc.).