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Pencil & Oak

Pencil & Oak approached us with the request to establish a very premium brand for them, and we immediately knew what concept would work with their state-of-the-art furniture.

To establish the look and feel, we started with a mood board. Next, we developed the icon… This was an important element to the brand, as it provided branding opportunities. After that, the overall logo was created and established… Then, the website and social media launched to get this brand off to a flying start.



Chef Reuben Riffel is definitely a member of the family. We’ve worked alongside Reuben and Maryke Riffel for several years now. A humble covid-project grew into a beautiful relationship.

Day-to-day graphic design work, content creation inside Val de Vie Estate and Franschhoek for 2 very different restaurant groups. One being a deli, Reubens and Co Cafe and Reubens Restaurant and Bar in Franschhoek.


Kolisi Foundation

We absolutely LOVE working with the Kolisi Foundation-team.
Our collaboration with Kolisi Foundation spans not only the creation of a complete brand identity for the organization itself in April 2020, but the design of 2x other brand identities within the organization as well.

The Kolisi Kollective is one of them. It is a group of monthly donors.
A distinctive logo mark that makes the Kolisi Foundation stand out while maintaining the original tone. Professional yet approachable, the logo represents the brand. With elements from the letter ‘K’ in the brand name, the icon represents balance and structure.

Siyaphakama ~ We are rising
This project is named after co-founder Siya Kolisi and his mother, Phakama. ‘Siyaphakama’ means “We Are Rising”. This project seeks to address the multitude of challenges facing township youth by creating a tailor-made programme to address physical education, malnutrition, academic education, life skills and youth employment.

The logo takes a more playful approach to appeal to a younger audience – symbolizing the coming together of different elements and materials.

It is possible to scale the logo across different platforms and remain legible while creating a unique brand mark with a hand drawn font with different textures.


Peter Gilder

Our mission was to increase online sales by expanding the brand and marketing approach. Peter Gilder is a well-recognized jeweler in Constantia. It has been an absolute joy working with Anene van Staden, the MD and soon-to-be owner of Peter Gilder. As an agency, Anene challenges us, but trusts the Creatory team to design and create campaigns that are uniquely tailored to the client.

Peter Gilder’s social media strategy is more than just social media. These beautiful gems and diamonds give us the opportunity to capture the most beautiful lifestyle and flatlay shots. Every 3 to 4 months, Anene visits the Cape Winelands with her beautiful ‘babies’ and we get to direct these shoots to create stunning content.



IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE ~ I mean who doesn’t like EVERYTHING PINK!
Make everyday your heyday with all your hair and beauty needs in one bright and beautiful space. From graphic design, to content creation, influencer management, and overall marketing… We’ve been part of HeyDay for a long time now, and we love every single girl who works at HeyDay. Hayley and Amanda, the ladies behind this crazy awesome brand, inspire us every single day.

Take a look at their social media and the amazing influencers behind this brand… We’re grateful to manage them. As much as we would like to call ourselves a ONE-STOP-SHOP, we don’t really like this term… Other options are full service or turnkey operations. We still haven’t found the right term here, but give us some time. If you know what it is, drop us a DM please… We’re surrounded by good coffee shops and even better MCC’s to thank you later :)


Village Deli

It takes a village!
Inspired by the true french deli & eatery experience, The Village Deli focuses on offering high quality produce, menu items and sustainable living by incorporating biodegradable packaging

As we know, there are quite a few delis in our area… What makes this one unique. In order to identify the Unique Selling Points, we established the following;

The Experience;
The thing that will set The Village Deli apart is their attention to detail and customer experience. Packaging that is convenient and environmentally friendly will leave a lasting impression.

The Educational element;
It is important for customers to know where the produce comes from and how it got there. Educating them on the origin of each product will help build relationships and trust within the brand.

Keeping a design timeless will increase its longevity in the market. Exemplifying the “less is more” philosophy. Instead of overdesigning the packaging, let its practicality speak for itself. Allow the raw elements to shine through.

Modernizing and making the design more memorable. French aesthetics are evident in the choice of fonts. It represents the freshness of the produce and the sustainability of the deli. We designed the unique ‘V’ you will see everywhere on their packaging to give their brand recognition & character. The font family we used creates a strong and bold brand identity that can be scaled across different platforms and remain legible. We used the unique ‘I’ symbol to symbolize community (it takes a village) and the ‘V’ to create the organic icon mark that is instantly recognisable.



In Afrikaans, want ons is trots Afrikaans ?
Ons verken die Suid-Afrikaanse wynbedryf met die aanbieder JP Quickelberge. Hy besoek top-wynplase, ontdek geheime kelders en proe wyn-geïnspireerde geregte wat deur die sjefs voorberei is.

The creation of a brand identity for the new VIA TV show “Kelder Klas”. The logo concept must encompass the show with its wine farm visits and well-known guests. “Afrikaans” with a bit of “klas”.

The Kelderklas series will feature two wine farms / cellars per episode. On that episode, each wine producer will present one of their wines. Kelderklas Wynklub members will receive the two featured bottles of wine 2/3 days before each episode’s premiere. Creating a live wine tasting experience from the comfort of your own home …with friends or your wine partner.


Mrs Hayward

We take immense pride in crafting the logo for Mrs. Hayward, and we are absolutely thrilled to introduce this extraordinary brand to all of you. Mrs. Hayward transcends boundaries, embracing her true essence and encouraging everyone to appreciate the artistry of handmade products, discovering happiness in life’s precious treasures.

Mrs. Hayward embodies all that is beautiful, sincere, and authentic. She lives in the present, cherishing the often overlooked moments and embracing life with extraordinary passion. Choosing to follow her heart rather than conforming to expectations, she sets an example for all to live a life full of joy and wonder. Within each of us lies a Mrs. Hayward, yearning to break free – a woman hungering for passion on every level, seeking beauty in the smallest details, and infecting the world with her love.

Embark on a captivating journey with Mrs. Hayward and let her unveil the enchanting magic of artisanal art, the significance of handmade craftsmanship, and the sheer joy of embracing your unique self. Together, we celebrate the beauty that resides in every form and cordially invite you to be a part of this exceptional experience with Mrs Hayward.

(their website) https://www.fleurlecordeur.co.za/



Introducing LalaLand – Where Magic Meets Branding Excellence
We are thrilled to unveil this collaboration with LalaLand. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in creating their captivating logo and spearheading their brand development.

Simplify Your Festival Experience.
With LalaLand, the search for your dream festival outfit is made easy and enjoyable. Their meticulously designed outfits ensure you feel confident and festival-ready, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – dancing the days and nights away, creating unforgettable memories, and connecting with fellow festival-goers.

We take pride in being part of LalaLand’s extraordinary journey, and we are dedicated to bringing your visions to life with inspired branding solutions. Join us as we celebrate with LalaLand the enchantment of festivals and the power of a brand that resonates with your inner self.

(their website) https://lalalandtribe.com/